Creating a Body Love Yoga Movement

In my practice as a psychotherapist I am often told "I want to learn how to love my body but I don't know how." In the society we live in today, there's no secret that the images we see in magazines, TV, movies and websites are often photoshopped, and unfortunately that doesn’t exclude yoga related media. When posed… Continue reading Creating a Body Love Yoga Movement


Metta Meditation, by Kristin Wade

Metta meditation, otherwise known as lovingkindness meditation, has been practiced in its traditional form since the time of the Buddha.  It is the practice of cultivating love for all beings.  We recognize that all beings just want to be happy, and that this wish underlies all action.  It brings light and joy to the mind,… Continue reading Metta Meditation, by Kristin Wade


A Healthy Twist

by Allegra Gulino I had a background in gymnastics when I came to Yoga in 1995. Therefore, I was familiar with back bends, forward bends, hand/headstands, and balancing poses. For me, my familiarity and comfort with what were considered “challenging poses,” cast the asanas that were surprising and difficult into high relief. Twists were in… Continue reading A Healthy Twist


Roar Away Stress With Lion

by Allegra Gulino Many of us are familiar with yoga’s stress reduction techniques. As beginners, we learn tools such as simple forward bends, or heart-openers to relieve tension in the upper back and neck, or pranayama to the slow the heart rate, calm the nervous system or for mental focus. Stress is dissolved in class… Continue reading Roar Away Stress With Lion



by Helen Chandler There are eight limbs of Yoga. They are Yama (Restraints), Niyama (Observances), Asana (Posture), Pranayama (Breath/Energy control), Pratyahara (Turning the senses inward), Dharana (Concentration), Dhyana (Meditation) and Samadhi (Absorption). These aspects of yoga are described by Patanjali (the father of yoga) in his writing of the Yoga Sutras. There are 196 sutras… Continue reading Niyama


Plant Your Tree

by Allegra Gulino  I consider tree pose (vrksasana) to be a quintessential yoga pose. The eye delights in its stately beauty and sense of wisdom. It's simple, yet challenging to practice. It fills one with a powerful sense of unity with nature and all of being. When describing or teaching it, it's nearly impossible to… Continue reading Plant Your Tree