Special Event

Sunday 7-9 Birthday/Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Kirtan

Sunday 1/20 is the full moon and lunar eclipse AND Ti’s birthday.
The gift he most likes to receive is a lot of people coming to kirtan around his birthday.
Please join in for a special Sunday evening kirtan (in addition to the usual Friday one) at 7-9pm.
No experience is necessary to enjoy the experience and benefits of kirtan (devotional, call-and-response chanting/singing).
Family and friends are, of course, welcome.
Suggested donation for kirtan is always $1-10.  Ti is hoping to chant with you Sunday.
AND because of this special kirtan, Ti’s Sun evening class this week only will be 5-6:30 (not 5:30-7).
Come do some yoga beforehand if you like.

Small Series Class Accepting Students

Ti’s Tuesday evening Small Series Class for committed yoga practitioners
now has spots available.

Upcoming Series Classes

Ti’s Yoga for Everything!

Sunday evenings 5:30-7:00. Nine week series begins January 6th.

Ti’s Yoga Fundamentals

Wednesdays evenings 7:30-9:00. Ten week series begins January 9th.

Yoga for Every{Body}

Taught by Chrysecolla Taico. Monday evenings 5:45-7pm.
Ten week series begins January 14th.

Additional Opportunities

Yoga Book/Study Group One Saturday a month, 6-7:15pm.

Lakshmi Chanting with Ti Tuesdays 9-9:30pm.

Kirtan with Ti Fridays 7:20-8:35.

Heal body, mind and Spirit in a caring, non-judgmental, non-competitive atmosphere.
Experienced teachers. Physically grounded, spiritually focused yoga.

I’ve attended the Fundamentals class at Loving Kindness Yoga School for almost 2 years. As a middle-aged woman with a non-gym physique, and a complete novice, I thought yoga might be intimidating. Not at all!

This school offers instruction that is explorative and kind. Movements presented in class can be scaled up, down, and all around, to accommodate students of all abilities. Ti Harmony in particular conveys in words and actions that we are all yoga practitioners who can honor each other and ourselves.

This is a place where you can exercise both body and heart. It’s a real treat!

Laura F.

‘Loving Kindness’ accurately describes the vibe you will find when you enter the Loving Kindness Yoga School in Carrboro. I highly recommend you try a class or series. Ti’s expertly guided instruction, spot-on adjustments, and yoga philosophy insights have helped me finally get that the path of yoga exists within all of us (including me) no matter how flexible your physical body.

Ti’s school has attracted a diverse, non-judgmental community. It is a super comfortable space to deepen (or begin) your practice, with a positive emphasis on growing awareness of the connection between body, spirit, and heart. A lot of smiling and laughter dwell here and it makes me feel right at home.

I leave each class with a greater sense of peace and well being. It doesn’t get better than that 🙂

Pat D