1. In-person, indoor Yoga with Ti resumes at the Yoga Shala in Carrboro at 204 West Main Street, Carrboro, in the Peck and Artisan building at the corner of Main and Main and Jones Ferry, diagonal across from the thrift store, upstairs in the back. It’s the white cinderblock building between Akai Hana and Auto Logic.
  2. Classes begin Sunday June 13, 10am Yoga “Church.” Come for the first kirtan to share your energy in the space on Friday June 11 at 7:20. Schedule will be mostly as it has been with all classes streaming online as well.
  3. Only fully vaccinated people in class. You’ll have to show me your card. No people who feel at all sick.
  4. My classes still all by donation.
  5. PARKING! There is almost no parking at the building (maybe 8 spaces for the whole building). If there are not spaces there, please park at the free and close Carrboro public parking lots either on Laurel St a little down from the Farmer’s Market or on Weaver St. between The Wellness Alliance and Sparrow & Sons Plumbing. DON’T PARK AT AUTO LOGIC! Downtown parking map.
  6. Bring your own mat! Saturday and Sunday morning classes will be advance sign-up, at least at first.
  7. Move-in help is needed. Volunteer with Ti if you can!

(WAY) More details:

Maybe you were waiting for this email since last March when the lockdown and the end of in-person classes happened for most of you, or maybe just since September when I moved out of the old space. (In a way, I’ve been waiting for this email.) For a few weeks I have been looking for space for the next permutation of Loving Kindness, and since Governor Cooper shocked all of us and said that fully vaccinated people can pretty much do whatever we want just two weeks ago, I have been more earnest in my search. Ironically, just two weeks before I asked about going back to the previous Loving Kindness location, it had been rented out. So I got to meet with some other great business and studio owners IN PERSON, which was great!

After consideration of four possible good alternatives, on Friday, I committed to join Lyndsay Bahn at the Yoga Shala in Carrboro. Lyndsay is a committed and dedicated yogini, practicing and teaching with focus, depth, integrity and respect for the Yoga tradition and its intentions, as I endeavor to do as well. I’ve had an interesting and loose connection with her ever since she moved here five years ago, and we had previously emailed about sharing space during that time. Her yoga practice is more ashtanga-based, so if you want a more physically rigorous/challenging experience, check her out. I’m looking forward to collaborating with her and seeing what happens.

Loving Kindness Yoga School will be just me, at least for the time being, and definitely will continue to function by donation. Online payment option will continue as it has been. All in-person classes will be hybrid, meaning will have the online streaming option. A good number of folks have been showing up for classes all these months from around the country, AND a number of the locals have found that they like being able to do yoga “over there” in their living space rather than commuting, AND some have found that they get different things out of the yoga practice when not sharing physical space with others and want to continue that exploration. Online classes will continue to be accessed through, and look for a stream-lined website coming soon.

I am fully vaccinated, and for the near future, only fully vaxed people will be allowed in classes. Everyone will need to show me their card. (Or send me a picture anytime, or now, and I’ll have you already on the list. I’ll delete the picture and only keep a record that I saw it.) If you are not fully vaccinated but want to return to yoga, feel free to ask if you can attend while wearing a mask; I’m not making any promises, but I’ll think about it. I feel uncomfortable making this requirement, but for the feeling of safety of everyone involved, and as a perk for those of us who rolled up our sleeves so that we actually CAN come back to being in-person and indoors again together without masks, it’s just how it is. Someday hopefully and probably it won’t be.

Also, and maybe obviously, now that we have all been made hyper-aware of it, anyone sick with anything (confirmed or just feeling unwell), please just stay home for the good of the community.

Outdoor, in-person yoga will continue for the foreseeable future. No vaccination required for those.

The studio space is beautiful and about the same size as the previous space but with a beautiful wood floor and high, wood ceilings, and high windows on four sides. (Donations accepted for ceiling fans.) There will be no loaner mats so BRING YOUR OWN. Shared bolsters, blocks, blankets and belts will be available.

The schedule will remain essentially unchanged, with the possible exception of one less Saturday morning class each month, with other options for that day. Some details are still TBD. If you would like the Friday 5:45 mellower Yoga to resume, please let me know. I expect classes to be small, at least smaller than previously, so if you were needing some more personalized instruction, be sure to show up! It probably won’t last forever. At first, there will be advance sign-up for Saturday and Sunday morning classes.

If the Covid metrics continue to go in a good direction, Go Deep Yoga Teacher Training will resume this September in a more chill and less super-intensive format, meaning shorter training weekends and occurring over a longer time-frame (see my blog on Did We Learn Our Lessons from Covid? That was one of the things I realized needed to change. 😌) If you had been thinking of doing that at some point, maybe now is the time???

Feel free as always to share other ideas that I may have forgotten, and I hope to see you (locals) in the body and not just on my device screen very soon!