December is the month when in classes I lead the practice of “I Love You, I Love You, I Love You” i.e. saying that silently inside (or outside) to whatever (or whoever) is getting your attention at the moment.  What does that phrase mean?  Here’s an attempt to clarify and offer some possibilities, whether offered inward to the hamstrings, or to some part of our personality, … or even outward to a family member or friend or previous friend, or whoever.  As I say in class, sometimes with the “I love you’s”, we just need to repeat the thought enough times to wash out the opposite thought which has so much more prior practice!

I love you.  If I am currently unable to truly love you, I am willing to love you.  I am willing to learn to love you.  I am willing to consider the possibility that I could one day love you.  I am here, and I am willing to learn to see you, to acknowledge your existence at the very least, and from there move to a more and more full embrace of who and what you truly are.  I am patient with you.

I love you.  I see you clearly, untainted by my likes and dislikes.  You are in my heart and I hold you there in all tenderness.  I feel the energy of Life flowing from my Heart to you.  I hold you in the highest and only positive regard and want only what is best for you, me and all beings.  I apologize for any way that I may have hurt you in the past, whether knowingly or unknowingly, and I’m willing to learn what I need to do to keep you safe now and in the future.  I am willing to be in the discomfort or pain that my previous lack of love and care for you has brought to us without shaming myself or you.

I trust that you have something to offer me just as you are, that you hold some jewel or gift in your being exactly as you are, and I am willing to face any unpleasantness that shows up inside of me as a result of my being with you, without needing or demanding that you change in any way at all.  I accept you and I am willing to meet you as you are, to get to know you more deeply as you are and to go beyond any desire I may have that you change to make me more comfortable.  I feel no need to push you to be any way other than you are.  I endeavor to use my time with you as a mirror in which to see myself more clearly so that I can rest in Love more deeply.

I love you.  You are part of me, I am part of you, and I am willing to see beyond the illusion of our separateness and division.  Your well-being is my well-being, your happiness is my happiness.  I am willing to offer you my strength when it is needed, and I’m willing to see and own my own weakness and negativity and to refrain from projecting them on you at any time.  I absolve you of any guilt for being less than I wish you were, as I also absolve myself from any guilt for being less than I think or thought that I should be in relation with myself or with you or with others.

I love you and allow myself and you to coexist in this living moment, free of reactions based on the past and free of imaginings or hopes about the future.   I love you and claim no ownership of you, and I free you of any demands that I may have made upon you in the past. I apologize for any subtle demands I am currently making on you of which I am unaware, and I am willing to see them so that my love for you can be more pure.  I free you to leave without guilt if and when that time comes.  I love you and am willing to receive what you freely offer, whether I experience it as pleasant or painful.

I hear and understand you, even the subtle communications from you whether they be verbal or come in some more subtle form, and I respond from that understanding.  I am willing to serve you, to be your friend or your helper or your protector given what you need in the moment, not what I think I need.  I am on your side.   If I find it difficult to hear you, I apologize again for my limitation.  I am willing to sit with myself in a deep way in order to see and clear any and all blocks to my clear hearing and receiving of you.  I am willing to hear whatever you need to tell me, and I am willing to listen without reacting or censoring and without disagreeing or invalidating what you have to say, whether it is beautiful or painful or in-between, whether what you say is personal to me or not.  I love you and acknowledge my current limitations without excuses.  I know that I still (always) have something to learn, and I know that I have something to learn from you specifically.

I feel you, in my heart and with my whole being.  I am willing to let go of needing to feel separate and superior to you.  I am willing to let go of needing to know how I “should” act or what I “should” do with you.  I love you and let go of any need to be in control, of you or even of my own thoughts and reactions. I love you and come to you in an attitude of friendliness, kindness and sincere interest, not knowing beforehand what you mean or have to tell or teach me.  I let down my guard and allow and accept you.  I free you of blame for the hurts that you or others inflicted on me or that I inflicted on myself.

I love you.  I love myself.  I love all beings.  I love Life.  I love Love.  I love the expression of Life in this moment.  I love.  Love.  Love.  Love.

I love you as a friend, as my teacher, and as my very Self.  I offer myself and consciousness completely to you in the time of our meeting.  I love you in order to know more clearly the truth that ultimately we are One and that in Reality, there is no “you” nor “I.”  I am willing to hear, see and feel the whole and wholeness of you, and to receive you in the Energy of Love, Love being the foundational energy of Creation of which “you” and “I” are made.  I trust the Universal Flow and your and my place in it in this current space and time, and I offer my actions up to that Infinite One.  I love you… until the final and obvious realization/remembrance that I AM LOVE!

May you have meaningful and beautiful holy-days and year to come!  Thanks for being part of my life.