There are a number of reasons you might [show up for this life], some of which are worship, healing, communion, and fun. You might be doing all of these at once, or having a different mood with each [moment]. Whatever you do, you can keep in mind that all these are possibilities and point to potential benefits of [showing up].

-Self-consciousness will be your greatest enemy in [this life] in which ultimately we are trying to lose our self in the sound, or in our Love for God, so [live truthfully] as if you are in the presence of the Divine and [serving] that, or [love] as if your life depended on it, or [laugh] as the vehicle of your love for others or for Creation.
-Robert Glass recommends these 5 practices in Chanting [and WOW they are beautiful jewels of wisdom for day-to-day living!!!!]:
1) Listen.
2) Let Go (“Let yourself be molded, as the clay resigns itself to the strong sure hands of the sculptor.”).
3) Give It Your All (“[Live] like you are desperate to share your love, but the only action that you can perform is [showing up].”).
4. Stay awake (“[Showing up] is about waking up – waking up from the trance of everyday life”.).
5. Just [serve]. (“Don’t worry about getting it right – you wont. Actually, you can’t get it right because [serving] has nothing to do with the notion of getting things right… Just keep bringing your attention back to [your inner-light]. [Showing up] is a liberating opportunity to leave the world of self-judgement and critical mind behind.”).