Given my experience, I have aimed the training at students getting EXPERIENCE first and information second.  There are definitely trainings out there that are heavy on the info and reading and short on the practice to get the experience that the reading is pointing toward.  Getting fed information is the way of our culture and it is natural and fun to do, but for the purpose of the “Big-Y” Yoga, I go with what one of my students said her karate master said, “15 minutes study, 45 minutes practice.”  That seems like a reasonable (and do-able) ratio though my mentor said for him it was 1 hour of class and 16 hours of practice (for music/sound yoga).  The foundation for gaining the experience is to develop and maintain, with support and check-in with the teacher, a home practice of yoga.  Reading and class time is, of course, important for the course, but it is primarily to support one’s personal practice.

Most yoga teacher trainings require anywhere from NO personal home practice (only class practice), to 7 minutes a day, to daily practice but can be class time or home practice or with some video support/guidance.   As far as I know, this training is unique in its requirement (and encouragement) for one to have a regular practice on one’s own, to actually get a chance to meet yourself, which is where the practice deepens and ultimately comes to fruition.   And so if you DON’T want to do practice on your own, and some people don’t, this is not be the best one for you if you want a certificate to teach, though the information you get in the class and personal check-in time with Ti is certainly valuable and will allow you to deepen your practice and experience of yoga.