Go Deep was Carrboro/Chapel Hill’s first yoga teacher training, but what makes it different from others?  Why do I put so much focus on home practice in the training?  Since January 1990, I havd been intensely and devotedly practicing yoga, including asana, pranayama, meditation and chanting.  I have more than 12,000 hours of asana practice on my own, not including taking yoga classes and workshops and trainings, and 10, 500 hours of home meditation practice.    Taking classes is great for learning how to do yoga. To practice on one’s own is to OWN the practice,  to no longer be borrowing it from others.  Practicing on one’s own is where we start to really realize the meaning of the scriptures and what they are pointing at.  IMHO, for something as important as “going deeper”, i.e. taking your yoga practice to the next level by making a time and emotional and financial commitment to it, you want your teacher to have been on the path before you.  I endeavor to teach from my experience first and foremost and not so much from my reading or study.   Knowing what the books say is fun for the mind and can be helpful to a point, but knowing from one’s experience is a more solid ground from which to live and act and be.