Kirtan at Loving Kindness Yoga School

Lively, loving, simple call and response chanting!
Come sing with us on Fridays 7:15-8:30pm

Read Ti’s blog posts about Kirtan!

Every Friday, Ti leads high-energy chanting of simple Sanskrit Names of the Divine. No experience is necessary to receive the benefit of group chanting. Lyrics are provided.

Chant for inner and world peace, for a deeper connection with the Divine, for clarity, healing, love or just for fun.

One student wrote the following:

I was getting [our 2 year old] from his crib and I asked if he liked the kirtan last night. He said “it cures you” as he had his hand over his heart. He repeated it. I thought I misunderstood as I never heard him use that word so I asked what does that mean. He said “it makes you feel better. It makes Eli feel better. It makes Dada feel better.” Wow

Donations are requested, if at all possible.  $1-10 is suggested.

The Name is your sole refuge in Kaliyuga, this dark, material age. The Name is your prop, shelter and abode, The Name is your spiritual preceptor, The Name is your friend and companion.

The bestower of eternal bliss is the Name, Name and Named are inseparable, God and His Name are one, Name is the supreme Divine Nectar.

O Name!  Thou are my father, mother and guide, Thou art the dispeller of ignorance and sorrow, Thou art the bestower of immortality and bliss, I take refuge in Thee, protect me, O Name!

-Swami Sivananda