Yoga Teacher Training

Go Deep is Chapel Hill/Carrboro’s first yoga teacher training, with Ti Harmony, one of the Triangle’s longest continuously teaching yoga practitioners. A year-long course to prepare you to teach yoga or just to deepen your practice, aimed at giving you EXPERIENCE and tools to manifest the True you.

“You’ve been walking the ocean’s edge
holding up your robes to keep them dry.
You must dive naked under, and deeper
a thousand times deeper.” -Rumi

Expect small classes and personal instruction and personal contact with the teacher.  Expect to Go Deep, not knowing beforehand what it will look like. You will receive yoga tools and practice using them, with support from the teacher and a loving group that will facilitate you finding and practicing YOUR yoga and being the best YOU you can be. These tools are useful for a lifetime! If you intend to teach yoga in your community, you will receive basic tools that will allow you to do that.


Go Deep YTT 2023-2024

This course is designed primarily as a yoga teacher training and is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level, though the total hours for the course are much higher than that. This course is also for those seeking to deepen their yoga practice or wanting a focused time of spiritual/personal growth using the vehicle of yoga.

The basis of the training is the development and maintenance of a consistent home yoga and meditation practice, the foundation of any good or even decent teacher. Much of the course revolves or springboards from this practice.  Regular contact with Ti Harmony is also key.

Another major focus is on understanding the philosophy behind the practices in order to bring your yoga “off the mat.” The course also encourages participants to develop their own style of teaching that reflects one’s individuality, areas of interest and understanding of the goal of yoga practices. Personal growth is by necessity part of this whole process.
Finally, participants will receive a solid understanding of a series of basic postures that they will be able to competently teach to others and which can serve as a jumping off point for further teaching.

This course is purposely small with a maximum of 12 students (though it will likely be a smaller group), so it can be very personal and intimate. Class weekends are at Loving Kindness Yoga School in Carrboro, NC.


2 years minimum of regular yoga practice to take YTT as a yoga teacher certification program, or 6 months of regular yoga practice to take YTT as a deepening of your yoga experience.

How to Apply

Fill out, sign, and deliver these two forms with a deposit of $500 to Ti:
(which includes an optional payment plan)

If you have any questions please contact Ti Harmony, preferably by email at Ti@GoDeep.Yoga
You may also call 919-969-7228

Reading List

Yoga and the Quest for the True Self
~Stephen Cope~
Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of
Moving Into Stillness 
~Erich Schiffman~
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
~Sri Swami Satchidananda~

Certification Requirements

Attendance and participation for all weekend and and all Wednesday evening class times (or arrange to make up this time with Ti at additional cost).  
Minimum 1 hour home yoga practice 4 days a week including minimum 15 minutes meditation plus home yoga practice journal
Required reading and writing and journaling assignments. This includes writing and presenting a “research paper” on some aspect of yoga which you want to investigate further and sharing with the group a written spiritual autobiography.

Observation or assisting in one of Ti Harmony’s yoga classes each month and follow-up discussion
Fulfillment of all financial agreements
Monthly ½ hour conversation with Ti between each weekend meeting



2023-2024 Dates

 Commitment of One Weekend per month & Wednesdays Evenings

Fridays 7:15-8:35pm
Saturdays 1-6:30pm
Sundays 12:45-5:15pm
Sept 22-24
Oct 20-22
Nov 17-19
Dec 15-17
Jan 12-14
Feb 9-11
Mar 8-10
April 12-14
Make up: May 3-5
June 7-9

Wednesdays 6-9pm
Sep 20-June 5
(not 11/22, 12/20 is a maybe, and not 12/27)


Total cost for the course is $3250, with a discounts for paying early. Cost includes all weekend trainings, Wednesday evenings, and monthly “check-in” time with Ti, as well as one optional weekly yoga class with Ti for the duration of the course. It does not cover the cost of books for the required reading (estimated around $120). 

If you miss some of the required weekend classes, you will need to arrange to make up that time in order to graduate. Any make-up time may require additional payment. A payment plan is available. More details (about the cost and discounts, and the payment plan) are in the Financial Agreements page.

Checks can be sent to
Ti Harmony 603 Nunn Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516-2212

Student Reviews

Before practicing yoga with Ti and eventually undergoing Ti’s teacher training, I had a narrow idea of what real growth and transformation looked like–I knew it required dedication and genuine interest, but as far as how to actually find the things I was seeking, I was a bit lost. By some form of grace, I ended up finding a teacher who could help me as I navigated my own path. Ti Harmony is by far one of the best teachers I’ve ever encountered. He is able to meet so many different people with kindness and generosity, all while making space for them to grow in the ways that are unique to their particular place on the path of yoga.

This training is ideal for anyone who wants to deepen their yoga practice, learn a lot more about the multifaceted world and history of yoga, and in turn responsibly share that knowledge and practice with others. This training is also ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about how to lead by example, how to develop awareness both on and off the mat, and how to become not just a better teacher but also a better student. If you want to participate in a training that is equal parts challenging and empowering, rigorous and flexible, then this is the training for you!

I really appreciated this training, and really learned and grew so much, and can only imagine all the work you must do to make it such a great experience for us and to give us so much of your time, love, attention, energy, and self.

This training has completely changed the way I approach yoga, my body, my self, and my life-all for the better.  I learned skills that changed my life on and off the mat, and had a safe, supportive, productive environment in which to practice, and process what I was learning, no only about yoga but also about myself.  I took this training because I wanted to become an awesome yoga teacher to myself at least, and from there maybe teach others.  Through this training I’ve become not only a better yoga teacher for myself and others, but also a better friend, companion, and care-giver for myself…all  of which are things that once I improved them for myself easily translated into improving them in my relationships with others.

Going through your training has Liberated me as a person, practitioner and teacher of yoga. I feel a kind of Freedom in my expressions of yoga that I never knew was possible.

My Yoga Teacher Training continues to inform me and positively impact my life 5 years later. The tools I gained have allowed me to be more present, more available to give to others, have more energy and feel physically, emotionally and spiritually more at peace than ever before.”

Yoga teacher training changed my approach from yoga being just physical practice to becoming a mental and spiritual practice as well. I understand more about the purpose of yoga in my life. This training has changed my approach to life: to live a simple life by devoting myself to practicing yoga regularly so that I can polish more and more to see my true-self. I never thought that yoga could do so much in guiding me in my trajectory of life. I didn’t know that this training would make such a difference in my life. That I found yoga and yoga found me is extraordinary, really. This training has definitely changed my life. It may not appear so from the outside, but from within I am more understanding, at ease, peaceful, and more content. The training has given experience, guide posts, and confidence in having ease in my journey of life.

One of the very best things about this course is the size of the group. It is awesome from a student’s standpoint because it allows for open discussion, bonding and more detailed direction. It enables you to maintain a safe and creative space for all of us in a very nurturing environment where we could really absorb your teaching.

I would encourage anyone who wants to start really living to take this course, regardless of whether you want to teach or not. You cannot possibly come out the other side the same person with the same eyes. It creates the space in your own soul to evolve and visit unknown places in your heart all with a guiding light of kindness, wisdom and compassion. Once you begin that journey you will never be able to turn back and no matter what you find-good or bad-you will not seek to return to your starting point.

This training was so much more than I expected it to be. I came to it expecting to learn how to teach people to bend, stretch, strengthen, and relax. What I got was an intense healing, life-affirming, spiritually-inspiring experience. It shifted – for the better – the way I see the world, the way I treat myself, the way I interact in my relationships; and it left me with a much greater capacity to listen to my inner voice, to see reality for what it is, and to cope with what I see and hear.

I would like to express deep gratitude for my teacher, Ti Harmony.  This training is like a rebirth process and the sacred space that was held allows true healing to occur.  I am filled with deep gratitude for yoga and YTT.  The healing and the awakening that has occurred and is continuing to occur is something that I could never put a price on.

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