Go Deep

The Peace that you are seeking is REAL
and exists as a Radiant Presence inside

I believe that everyone can find that Peace.

I aim my teaching at That.


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10:30 – 11:50am

Tuesday Evening

5:45 – 7:15pm

Thursday Evening

7:30 – 8:50pm

Friday Afternoon

4:15 – 5:35pm

Saturday Morning

10 – 11:35am

Sunday Morning

10am – 11:30am

11:30-12 Meditation

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Chant for inner and world peace, for a deeper connection with the Divine, for clarity, healing, love or just for fun.

Online Kirtan

Every Friday, Ti leads high-energy chanting of simple Sanskrit Names of the Divine. No experience is necessary to receive the benefit of group chanting. Lyrics are provided.

Friday Evening

7:15 – 8:30am


How can I cultivate good energy doing yoga at home?

I generally encourage if at all possible don’t have your yoga space be in your bedroom, which as you know has the energy of sleep there more strongly than other locations, and in yoga, of course, we are trying to Wake Up! If you use an office space or space where there’s a computer or TV, covering those screens with something pretty at least for your practice time can make a surprisingly big difference in the quality of your practice. Appropriate lighting also can help create an ambience if you are practicing in the evening.

But…Yoga with my phone?

If you are joining on Zoom, you are, of course, using an electronic communication device. Remember, whatever the device, don’t answer any calls or texts or emails or whatever during your practice time; don’t check the news or stocks or whatever; no social media. You know. For that time, your device is just a “yoga prop,” nothing more, and is to be used ONLY for that purpose. You may know what I mean.

How does a by Donation studio work?

The donation requested is $10-20 per class; this IS NOT a cost! Please give what you can, whether on this scale or not. Money should never prevent anyone from coming as much as they want, and no one is ever turned away for financial reasons. From the blog: thoughts on donation yoga

How does being a Go Deep Member work?

Membership simply means you’ve signed the waiver.  Once you’ve signed the waiver, you’ll get a password to get you into the studio where you will find the Zoom meeting links.  You’ll also get the passcode for all of the Zoom classes. I recommend that you try to put your mat down on the ground and sit for a few minutes before class begins to center yourself.

Thoughts on The Pope’s Exorcist

September 5-November 3, 2023 In a weird circumstance, though I don’t watch TV or movies much anymore, I did watch The Pope’s Exorcist on Netflix in September. Even weirder is that I’m writing about it! In part, it is a horror movie, a genre I haven’t watched since...

I Am…Perfect

I Am…Perfect 9/5-26/23 What follows is the fruit of my meditation retreat at the beginning of September. (And includes a line thanks to Iryna who included it in her comments to me when I asked her if the sharing of all this was “over-the- top.”) I am complete...

Grace, Part 2: Giving Ourself Our Own Grace

September 3-5, 2023 “God is always showering grace upon us. But to avail ourselves of it and let it benefit us, we need atma-kripa, our own grace. …Divine grace is ever-flowing our way. To receive it, we must first open the closed doors of our heart. Hence, more than...

Yoga Alliance (Mistakenly) Thinks You Can Learn to Teach Yoga All-Online!

What follows is an open letter (email) to Yoga Alliance (YA) in regard to their recent change in policy to allow all-online yoga teacher teacher “trainings” permanently. Yoga Alliance is a "registering body" that "oversees" yoga in the world. They do not "certify,"...

Grace, Part 1: Opening to Grace

June 20-24 , 2023 What is Grace and why would we need it? Here’s the what, see below for the why. My Webster’s New World College Dictionary has a very long entry on grace. It includes—most importantly for us as spiritual practitioners—these theological definitions: a)...

Finding the “Optimal” Place in the Pose (Part 1: The Breath)

In beginning to search for some possible “optimal” place in any pose, we can start by looking at the breath.


Over years, I found it very helpful to be able to see laziness in myself clearly and to actually claim it as part of the whole picture of me, though it was uncomfortable. It felt like an important part of my healing.

I Hope the Divine Mother…

November 13, 2022 (A note added later: I wrote the below after noticing this phenomenon happening in my mind. I was not going to publish it, but events arose that seem to indicate that it might be good to do so, including a quote from Amrit Desai again: “Living in the...

Acceptance and Love

September 18-November 7, 2022 “Acceptance of reality is what we mean by the word love. Love is just accepting reality.” -Amrit Desai, quoted in Yoga and the Quest for the True Self by Stephen Cope, p. 101 The teachings in classes a couple months ago included (again)...

Some Sacred Concepts

September 11 (an interesting start date this particular blog)-16, 2022 “Reality is more sacred to me than my most sacred concept.” -Amrit Desai It would be nice if we could all say what Amrit Desai said and mean it. We would have a much better human condition on the...

In Person Yoga Under the Willow Oak

Located in a private backyard in the Northside neighborhood of Chapel Hill, NC. Weather permitting. Advanced sign-up required.

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