Ti’s Office Hours

Office Hours with Ti

Need private yoga lessons (not currently available) or guidance or spiritual-counseling or mentoring?

Ti is available to meet with people one-on-one on Zoom for spiritual input, mentoring or guidance or whatever the student is needing. His schedule for that is somewhat limited, and he prioritizes students who regularly attend classes.  These meetings are on a sliding scale: $120-$60 for about 1 1/4 hours. If you need or want this private time with Ti but the cost is prohibitive, please contact Ti for other options.  Cost should never be what keeps you from having this private time.

For a more informal (and cheaper) option, Ti happily schedules students to join him for a 1/2-hour-ish walk with his dogs, now practicing appropriate social distancing. Many have found this time with Ti helpful.  He walks every afternoon. This option is totally by donation, so you can contribute nothing to anything.

If you’d like to schedule time with Ti, please fill out the contact form and request it.