This studio has a calming energy and a warm community of people practicing across the spectrum of yoga experience. Ti, the instructor, has a deep knowledge of anatomy and offers adjustments that are tailored to each individual student. He often incorporates readings and spiritual reflection into his classes. I’ve been practicing here for a couple years and I look forward to class each week. It’s a one-of-a-kind yoga studio and a true gem.

Ida G.

I love Ti’s classes. He’s gentle and very helpful. All levels are welcome and truly made to feel that way. I have found the classes to be both challenging and very spiritual.

Julia W.

I’ve been studying (I say “studying” on purpose!) with Ti for 9 years. Classes with Ti always teach me something; I firmly agree with this yoga studio being called a School. Ti brings the most mellow and truly non-competitive vibe I’ve ever felt in a movement class. The room is infused with good energy and when you look up as you practice, there are pictures of yogis and saints lining the wall near the ceiling. It’s a devotional space, but if you are not into that, there’s zero judgment or expectation on you to practice devotion. Come as you are, practice how you practice, and get some yoga life lessons from Ti…and some of the best hands-on (if you want them) assists. I’ve recommended Ti’s classes to countless friends and students over the years and I will continue to recommend it.

Sarah H.

I love this yoga studio. I have tried most studios in the area. I love the energy and vibe at Loving Kindness. Ti Harmony is an excellent teacher, very grounded, compassionate, always ready to help. To me, yoga is not just movement and exercise (though we definitely get that in Ti’s class); Ti integrates yoga philosophy so well, alongside the instructions for moving in the poses. He’s always moving around the class assisting people who need it. He can pay attention to everybody in his class pretty well. Only an experienced teacher can do that. On top of that, he opens the studio to people of all means. No swiping of card or first bird specials. Donation based yoga – yoga in its true sense and bringing community together.

Rekha A.

This is the most amazing yoga studio I have ever been to. Ti Harmony is such a great teacher and this place has truly made such a profound difference in every aspect of my life. This studio has a lot of heart and characteristics you are unlikely going to find in other yoga studios in this area.

Belle R.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending classes with both Ti Harmony, the studio’s owner, and Meredith Stern, who teaches the Monday Night Yoga Collective. While I’ve had positive experiences at other studios since moving to the area, my time at Loving Kindness has by far been the most warm, supportive, and in-depth instruction and practice. As I work on getting into my changing body and training it to move in more complex and challenging ways–something that my age and eating habits make no easy venture–I know that Loving Kindness is the best environment in which to pursue those challenges. The space is small, as are the class sizes, and both Ti and Meredith bring the essential compassion and humor to teaching that keep me coming back. I recommend this studio without reservation!

Danielle C.

After having “shopped around” and visiting many of the local yoga studios, I found my home in Loving Kindness Yoga School. That was six years ago already! Not only is Ti the best yoga teacher I’ve ever encountered (my yoga improved drastically, in the most gentle ways!), his regular students are a diverse and welcoming community. Beginners are encouraged and accommodated, and seasoned yogis will not be disappointed in any of the classes. Ti’s donation based school is very spiritual without requiring his students to be so. I have changed drastically and in such positive ways over the past six years, and I have Ti to thank for much of my growth as a person and as a practitioner. No words can express my gratitude.

Sara E.

Loving Kindness is a great place. I’m just a beginner at yoga and Ti always makes me feel very comfortable while encouraging me to do my best, or very close to it. Its somewhere on the edge between trying and not trying. He’s great! Go check him out.

Adam G.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, real-deal, no-bullshit yoga teacher, this is the place for you. I’ve been studying yoga since 1999 and teaching since 2010, and Ti Harmony is the best teacher I’ve ever had. His years of experience, intuition, knowledge, and humility set him apart from most other yoga teachers in the area and in the country. Often, beginners and very experienced practitioners share the same space at Loving Kindness, but everyone comes away having had the practice they needed because of Ti’s ability to provide great personal attention and assists (if you want them) as well as his ability to teach to the group that shows up, not to a sequence he has predetermined.

You won’t see many Lululemon pants or the other material trappings of the “yoga lifestyle” here (though if you have those, there’s no judgment). All are truly welcome.

I send my own students to Ti from time to time, because they’ll ask where I learned something or who my teacher is, and they always come away impressed.

Nicole M.

This place and this teacher are unlike any I’ve practiced with. I’m a modest and somewhat irregular practitioner but the instruction is essential, totally aware and powerfully correct. The atmosphere is welcoming and fully accepting. The energy shift created by the guided practice and Ti’s adjustments carried noticeably throughout my day and into the week, even noticeable in my sleep for a few nights after. I live 200 miles away but I look forward to going back. It’s truly very special.

Jeff S.