Heather Tatreau, MA

HeatherHeadshotHeather first discovered yoga 20 years ago through her training as a dancer. Over the years, yoga has been an integral part of her physical and mental wellbeing in her professional and personal life. Through a decade of studying yoga with Ti Harmony, She has also learned to cultivate a deeper meaning for her yoga practice. Heather has a Master’s Degree in Dance Education from New York University where she trained in many dance and somatic-based disciplines. She is currently on the Dance Faculty at UNC-Chapel Hill and presents her choreography locally. She has taught yoga for over 10 years and recently completed Ti Harmony’s 200-hour level certification program. She is also prenatal yoga certified. She encourages her students to approach yoga with an open heart and mind. In her classes she will explore flowing sequences as well as learn how to cultivate stillness.
– all with a sense of humor and grace.

Tain Collins

With over 700 hours of teacher training, Tain has studied with Ti Harmony and Allison Dennis as well as participated in master classes facilitated by Sharon Gannon and David Life of Jivamukti Yoga. He has joined in a variety of other contemplative practices such as Vipassana meditation retreats and Ken Wilber’s Integral Life Practice. He spent much of his youth working as a performer (juggler, actor, musician), and still continues as a professional singer, guitarist and songwriter, and entertainer.

His own yoga practice has come to embrace the physical, therapeutic postures of hatha yoga as a way to create space for inner transformation, a skill that he hopes to share with his students. His classes focus on creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere that allows students to check in, reset, and dive deeper into themselves.

Meredith Stern

MeredithSternBioPicFor over 20 years my Yoga practice has been a journey of love, courage and self-discovery. While traveling extensively in Northern India in 1998, I spontaneously attended my first yoga teacher training. This expansive & heart opening experience was, and remains the guiding light on my spiritual path. Once I returned back to the U.S., I attended a 3-month intensive, 200 hr. yoga teacher training in Santa Monica, CA with Ana Forrest. After this course, I moved to San Francisco where I studied Zen Shiatsu Massage and in 2003 became a certified massage therapist deepening my understanding of the body & healing touch.

My practice has evolved through many teachers and traditions and currently (with tremendous gratitude) I draw inspiration through my studies with Ti Harmony. After attending my first yoga class with Ti, I knew I had found my teacher & immediately enrolled in his 9-month yoga teacher training in 2012. It was around the fifth month of this 9 month course that I came to the realization that, in order to deepen my personal practice, I needed to begin sharing it with others…

And, it has been this work as a teacher that has transformed my practice of Yoga into a language that connects and communicates beyond words. It feels now, after many years and many ups and downs, that I “practice” not for self-improvement but for self-acceptance. And it is my intention and hope that I share this experience of self-acceptance with all those I meet on & off the yoga mat.


(* in addition to group classes I also offer Private Yoga, Zen Shiatsu Yoga & Integrative Life Coaching)

Kat Tumlinson

Like so many others, I first began practicing yoga to help address chronic illness and quickly fell in love. Like any good love affair, despite igniting more than 15 years ago, I continue to learn new aspects of yoga and new ways to move deeper in asana poses every day. Yoga has also been a gateway to meditation and forms the foundation and backbone of my spiritual practice, which is rooted in loving kindness. My intention in teaching is to wholeheartedly share love with others and I’m grateful for each opportunity to open my heart to my students.

Katie Souris

headshotbeachI found yoga at a local gym when I was in high school. Since then it’s been a practice that has guided and supported me through all of my transitions and life experiences. I completed a 250-hour yoga teacher training at the Asheville Yoga Center in December of 2012. I’ve taught ‘Yoga Basics’ classes at the YWCA, low-income senior apartments and even a law office. I love that yoga is as a tool that everyone can pick up right away, whether they’re doing it in a chair, on the ground, or standing on their hands. At the YWCA I taught a special class called, ‘Yoga for Blood Sugar Balance.’ As a person living with Type 1 Diabetes, I’ve experienced firsthand the physiological benefits that yoga has on endocrine functioning and noticed that my blood sugar is more stable when my practice is vibrant.

I am a first year student in Health Behavior at the Gillings School of Public Health. I hope to explore the changing climate of chronic condition management and focus on the intersection of emotional and physical health.