Beach Retreat

2016 Spring Beach Retreat

WHEN: September 9-13 (Friday afternoon through Tuesday lunch) If you are interested in this retreat with Ti, please contact him through the website or in class and express your interest.

WHERE: OBX, NC, and we will be sharing a house with easy water access to sound and ocean.

COST: $800-500. Includes all yoga classes, etc, food, shared bed. (It may be possible to pay more for your own bed and/or room if you prefer.) Transportation to and from the retreat is not included.

There may be some possibility of partial work-exchange/barter options. Please talk with Ti if you need that or if you would like to attend but cost is prohibitive.

Previous beach retreats are fondly remembered by those who were there as times of growth, fun, community, long walks on the beach, good food, and deepening understanding, and typically people who came to previous retreats are the first to sign up for the next one.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: Minimum 8, maximum 15


  • We’ll all participate in making (and cleaning up after) 2 vegan meals a day-lunch and dinner (for breakfast, if you want it, you will be on your own, and we will have some simple options).
  • LOTS OF YOGA PRACTICE TIME (approximately 6 1/2 hours a day of various yoga practices, including asana and chanting and meditation)
  • time to walk on the beach or whatever
  • there may be the possibility for folks to come for a shorter period in the early part of the retreat, though the preference is to have a group of folks to spend the 4 days getting connected and focused, practicing and building and deepening together.
  • Sample approximate daily schedule:

7:30-9:30 Yoga class

9:30-10:30 group chanting

10:30-11:00 silent meditation

11-noon: on-your-own or help prepare lunch

noon-4:00: lunch and unscheduled time

4-5:30: yoga class

5:30-6: chanting and meditation

6:00: help prepare dinner or on-your-own time, then dinner

7:00: on-your-own time

This was a very well-enjoyed and appreciated event in previous years. I hope you can make it.


Please give me $250 deposit as soon as possible to save you a space. Balance is due July 22 unless you make other arrangements with me beforehand. Up to July 29, you can get a refund if you need to cancel. On or after July 29, there will be no refunds unless I can fill your space from the wait list unless you are sick or have a family emergency.

4 Responses to Beach Retreat

  1. Noreen ordronneau says:

    My past beach retreats were so nourishing and wonderful. Unfortunately I can’t make it this year and hope it will happen next year! Namaste. Noreen O

  2. Laura F says:

    I was watching this page for dates but unfortunately will be away during this time. Thanks for hosting this retreat; I hope to enroll if it’s offered again in future.

  3. Noreen ordronneau says:

    Have to miss the retreat again. Traveling and moving into Briar Chapel above the garage of my children and grandchild due in Feb. When my time is more open I look forward to attending some classes again and a beach retreat, which is such a blessing.
    My love to Niki, Bodie, and you my first and favorite yoga teacher!

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