Special Classes, retreats & workshops

Special Class

INDEPENDENCE DAY YOGA CLASS with Ti (please pre-register)

When: Wednesday, July 4th
Teacher: Ti Harmony
Requested donation $20-25, or pay what you can.
To register, scroll down to bottom of Class Schedule page & fill out the form.

Join Ti Harmony in what has become an annual tradition which many people look forward to on July 4 morning at 10-12:30 for a special Independence Day yoga class. The idea is that on Independence Day, we should do more than celebrate our Independence from Great Britain but should do some more conscious work to gain Independence from the mind (related to the ego) and its likes and dislikes. We do this by everyone telling Ti what their least favorite poses are, or least liked or whatever along those lines, and then we will do them all. (If your mind needs a little reassurance, don’t worry, you won’t dislike them all!)

Due to the popularity of this class, if you need to cancel, please give Ti at least 24 hours advance notice, so he can fill your space from the wait list, or please plan to pay for the class anyway unless you are sick or have a family emergency. Many people look forward to this class, so if you are interested, sign up early.

Series Classes

Ti’s Yoga for Everything!

When: Sunday evening, 9-week series 5:30-7:00. No class on May 27.  There will be a min of 6 students and a max of 16.  Sign up in advance through the Contact Page.
Requested donation:  $90-180.  Though designed as a series class, drop-in’s are welcome.

Join Ti early Sunday evenings for yoga class focused on a specific body region AND designed to get everything else in the process.  The classes will also focus on learning to safely practice the particular class of poses without pushing or strain, monitoring one’s own inner process and feedback while respecting individual limitations or needs.  Long shavasana is guaranteed, so you can relax with ease into the beginning of your week 🙂

Weekly foci:
Week 1: Heart-opening … and everything else!
Week 2: Hamstrings and Forward bending … and everything else!
Week 3: Hip opening … and everything else!
Week 4: Twists … and everything else!
Week 5: Inversions (aimed at being accessible to all) … and everything else!
Week 6: Relaxing and cooling poses … and everything else!
Week 7: Side opening … and everything else!
Week 8: Neck and shoulders … and everything else!
Week 9: Abdominal strengthening and opening … and everything else!

Yoga Fundamentals : a 10-week series

If you want to experience the benefits of yoga practice and to feel comfortable in a group class with others who are also in the learning process…
If you want to experience more comfort in your body and peace of mind and to have a good groundwork from which to move forward in the practice of yoga and Life…
If you want to “come back to the basics” in order to deepen your experience of yoga…

When:  10 Wednesdays starting April 11, 7:30-9:00
Teacher: Ti Harmony
Where:  Loving Kindness Yoga School

A yoga class for people new (or relatively new) to yoga who want to learn (or relearn) the basics in a group class dedicated to that with Ti Harmony, one of Carrboro/Chapel Hill’s longest continuously teaching yoga teachers.  This class is also appropriate for those with more experience who are wanting a slower approach to the physical practice and are happy to be reminded of the basics.

In this class you will learn, discuss and practice the fundamentals of yoga practice.  Each week will have a different topic and focus, and each class will have a short teaching and discussion time, practice of yoga poses and breathing exercises, deep relaxation, and brief meditation.  Students will finish this series with the skills and confidence necessary to practice yoga safely at home (if they choose) and to join in other all-levels or beginner-to-intermediate classes (if they choose).

  • There will be a minimum of 6 people and a max of 14 in this class.
  • Requested donation for the entire series: $100-200.  If that is prohibitive, please contact Ti.
  • Advance sign-up and payment are required please pre-register.  Attendance at all classes is required (as much as possible) or you can discuss options for making it with Ti.

Small Series class with Ti

When:  Tuesdays 5:45-7:15
Teacher: Ti Harmony
Where:  Loving Kindness Yoga School

Advance registration required. Suggested donation for only this class is $20.

For committed yoga practitioners and teachers with a minimum of 3 years consistent yoga practice or those studying to be yoga teachers or by approval of the teacher. There will be a maximum of 8 people.  Though the intensity level tends to be about the same as the all-levels classes, the depth of teaching and group sharing tends to be greater.

To register, scroll down to bottom of Class Schedule page & fill out the form.

Some feedback on the class from a student:

“And, I will add that this class really rocks and is the perfect level of challenge, provides a nice variety of different poses and sequences, and is just generally a highlight of my week. Keeps me sane. Also keeps me interested in yoga in a way I might struggle to achieve on my own. Thanks for so reliably providing this very important part of my life.”

Ayurvedic Yoga therapy for anxiety, depression and other mood disorders

When: Six Mondays 7:15-8:30: 4/30; 5/7; 5/14; 5/21; 5/28; and 6/4.
Suggested donation of $120 for the series.
Minimum enrollment of 6.
To sign up for this class, please contact Dr. Rioux directly at: integralayurvedayoga@gmail.com

Course description: Yoga and Ayurveda are known for their effects on the nervous system and their effectiveness in reducing stress. An aggravated nervous system, combined with imbalance in the bodily humors, create the root causes of anxiety, depression and other disordered mental states. Understanding yogic technique from an Ayurvedic perspective allows us to see the true therapeutic value of yoga and to understand organically and from an experiential perspective how Ayurveda can diagnose root causes of imbalance and address them in sustainable ways that can lead to profound life changes, better relationships, improved quality of life and an enhanced sense of well-being and resilience. Improving self-awareness and self-understanding through the combined science of Ayurvedic Yoga is a breath of fresh air.

Your Instructor: Jennifer Rioux has been practicing yoga for more than 25 years and has been practicing Ayurveda for 20 years. She holds a PhD in medical anthropology, is recognized as an Ayurvedic doctor (AD) and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist (AYT) through the National Ayurvedic Medical Association and is certified as a Yoga therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She has a clinical practice in Chapel Hill, NC and has helped many patients to achieve better health, well-being and mental resilience. She is so grateful for every time that one of her clients’ suffering is reduced, as the ripple effects are profound within their lives, families and communities.

Yoga for Every{body}

Teacher: Chrysecolla
When: Mondays, 5:45-7 for 10 weeks.  Chrysecolla (Colie) is on maternity leave, and this class is expected to resume in early October.  You can still contact her to express interest.

This eight-week series will provide a safe space for bodies of all shapes and sizes to practice yoga and inward-kindness. Using our breath, movement and awareness we will work towards the intention of creating a more positive relationship with ourselves on and off the mat.  This series is designed with curvy bodies in mind and is a good fit for people new to yoga and those that already have a gentle practice. This class will be a closed series to provide safety and continuity to students. Please sign up by email in advance.  Chrysecolla has had a lot of interest in this class, so if you want to join in, please sign up soon!

Donation Scale: $110-$160 for the series
What to bring: A yoga mat {there will be some to borrow, too!} and some water.
What to wear: Your most comfortable clothes that allow you to move
Teacher: Chrysecolla Taico, LCSW, RYT
Contact: chrysecollayoga@gmail.com to sign up or ask questions!
Chrysecolla will bewill be taking a break from teaching from May 15- October 1.

Additional Opportunities

UNC Mindfulness Program on Stress Reduction and Pain Management
at the UNC School of Medicine:

Ti doesn’t have personal experience of this course, but he has heard good things from others who have taken it. If you choose to participate, let us know what you think!

One Response to Special Classes, retreats & workshops

  1. Janet Boudreau says:

    Hi Ti,

    I’m almost all healed from elbow surgery in late December and ready to bring yoga back into my life in a careful and measured way. Please let me know if I’m in! I hope to see you this Wednesday.


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