Mantra Class

What:  In this course, you will learn about the simple yet powerful practice of mantra and mantra meditation for developing Love, inner strength, devotion and surrender to the Divine in whatever form you imagine That. Students will leave this course inspired and informed to add this simple but powerful practice into their daily lives.

The potential effects of mantra practice range from physical and emotional healing to increased abundance and ability to feel gratitude, to peace of mind and heart, to Universal Love for all of creation, to Enlightenment/God- or Self-Realization. As the Dalai Lama has said, “Buddhahood is very difficult to attain without relying on the power of mantra.”

Each class will focus on one particular mantra, where it comes from and why it is useful, and will include plenty of time to practice it together.  Students will also learn how to use the mantras effectively.

Though the practice will involve and focus primarily on Sanskrit mantras from the tradition of Sanatana Dharma (popularly known as Hinduism), the practices can be used by anyone of any faith to deepen one’s own connection with one’s personal Divinity.  There will also be some focus on English mantras.

Requirements/Commitments: Participants are requested to commit to at least 5 minutes daily of mantra practice for the duration of this course.  One aim is for students to develop or strengthen their  home meditation practice.

No previous experience or knowledge is required, other than an open and interested heart and mind.

When:  Nine-session series, meeting every two weeks starting either Friday 6/19 or Saturday 6/27, or possibly Tuesday June 23.  Day and time TBD (by popular demand), but probably either Fridays at 5:45 or Saturdays 4-5:15 (or a little later).  If you are interested but prefer a different day or time, please contact Ti.

Requested donation:  $20 per class or pay what you can.  Remember this amount is NEVER meant to prevent anyone from joining in, regardless of ability to pay or not pay.  Open to all.

***Advance sign-up is required.***  This group will be meeting on Zoom at least with an in-person option if that possibility exists (with Zoom always as an option).

BACKGROUND: Ti Harmony has been interested in mantra and kirtan since 1992 and is an ardent practitioner of mantra since 1997 after receiving mantra initiation from Amma, his Guru. Besides Amma, Ti has studied mantra and kirtan with Bhagavan Das, Krishna Das, Yogi Hari and Namadev Thomas Ashley-Farrand, among others. Ti maintains a daily practice of japa meditation and chanting the Sri Lalita Sahasranama (the 1000 Names of the Divine Mother). He and Nikki Harmony have hosted a weekly kirtan Friday nights since 2000.

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