Koru Mindfulness

Dear Clients and Students:

This is an uncertain and concerning time for all human beings across the globe.  The circumstances show us now, more than ever, that we are all connected and our fates are intertwined. Since most of us are restricted in our movement, I will be offering several Koru Basic Mindfulness Classes online, beginning next Tuesday (March 24), Wednesday (March 25) and Thursday (March 26) through April 14, 15 or 16 respectively. The classes will take place from 7:15-8:30 pm and you must be able to attend all 4 classes.

Koru is a condensed mindfulness curriculum of four 75-minute classes that teaches essential mindfulness skills, specific meditations and tips for staying calm, relaxed and focused. Research has shown the Koru graduates have better coping mechanisms, sleep and reduced stress. Please share the availability of this class with your family and friends, so that all may benefit. Here are some testimonials from a recent class:

• “I can honestly say that I did not realize how much of a role breathing plays in centering the mind and de-stressing the body. The discussions helped inform my practice, as often the instructor would make a suggestion I did not consider. I became more confident with meditating at home because of the techniques I learned during class. This mindfulness course has equipped me with the practical, tangible ways to accept what is.  Surrendering is no longer an elusive, high-minded idea. It is now something I can practice regularly and with less confusion.”  MJ, Durham

• “I loved entering into stillness in a room with other people. I am remembering to find my breath more frequently and to take time to calm my mind every day. Jennifer is an experienced, calming and pleasant instructor. She made the class very effective and warm.” SR, Chapel Hill

• “Sharing with others always brought new insights and ideas. Your questions were at times challenging and I felt comfortable with your supportive, open-minded responses. Thank you.  I really am a BIG fan! You were an excellent instructor.”  BK, Chapel Hill

Mindfulness is a critical tool for dealing with anxiety, overwhelm and uncertainty. This unprecedented time in our history is an opportunity to develop a lifelong toolbox that will serve us over the long-term. The cost for the class is $80 for 4 sessions, paid in advance via Paypal to ayurvedicyogatherapist@gmail.com  Paypal charges for refunds, so please be sure you can attend all classes before signing up; I will not be able to provide refunds for missed classes.

I am also making Ayurvedic immune-boosting remedies (powdered herbs, teas and essential oil blends. If you are interested in these, please email me at integralayurvedayoga@gmail.com

Her bio:  Dr. Rioux has been teaching at universities and medical schools since 1996 and has been offering workshops to allied health professionals, yoga practitioners, and the community since 1999. Dr. Rioux has been practicing yoga since 1992 and Ayurveda since 1998. Dr. Rioux teaches, conducts research, publishes and presents nationwide on Yoga, Ayurveda, holistic medical sciences, research methodologies, mindfulness and bioethics.”

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