Size-Inclusive Yoga

A Safe Space for All Bodies with Iryna

This class is designed with larger bodies in mind, but is open and welcoming to folks of all shapes and sizes looking for an accessible, personalized yoga experience.
We discuss specific techniques to accommodate larger bodies, though those suggestions are usually helpful for everyone.
We hold an accepting and collaborative space to make sure that the practice is safe and accessible for everybody and every body.
We use lots of props and try not to take ourselves too seriously!



January 8th – February 26th (8 weeks)

Mondays 6:00 – 7:15 pm.

Pre-Registration is required. If the series has already begun, it may still be possible to join. 

Email to Register

About Iryna

In her teaching, Iryna is on a mission to help people find comfort in their bodies and learn to trust themselves more. She tries to connect with each student, and suggests individual modifications and ideas that work for her students’ bodies in the moment. She values introspection, self-compassion and self-trust – on the mat and in life. Her students are encouraged to hang out in each pose for a little bit, finding comfort, depth and awareness of body and breath. She likes to guide a deep long Savasana and believes that that’s where the work on the mat becomes integrated and how our physical and energetic bodies prepare to face life outside of the yoga class. Learn more about Iryna’s yoga teaching on her website:

Suggested Donation

Suggested donation: $80-160

Pre-payment for the entire series is requested.

Remember this amount is NEVER meant to prevent anyone from joining in, regardless of ability to pay or not pay.  Open to all. 

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