Location & Directions to
Loving Kindness Yoga School 

209 Lloyd St (“Lloyd Street Court”), Suite 160, Carrboro, NC (on the street side, upstairs to the right).   Find us on Google Maps here.

Lloyd St. is the road at the light on Main St. in front of the Cat’s Cradle.  In addition to the building parking lot, there is a gravel parking lot for use behind 205 Lloyd St, uphill from the Loving Kindness building complex, down Hosiery St. at the end.  (it’s as close to Loving Kindness as is much of the Loving Kindness building parking lot.)

A bike rack is available for those riding bikes to the studio, and on a rainy day there is space to lock up to the stairway railing to keep bikes dry.

Anyone interested in taking a bus to the studio can find free bus routes through the Town of Chapel Hill. Buses that pass near the studio are CW, F, and J.

Loving Kindness is a home-y, light, inviting space in which to nurture self-respect and freedom from what keeps us from knowing that we don’t need to BECOME happy but we are Happiness itself at our Core.

One Response to Directions

  1. Jordan says:

    I’m excited to attend your Vedic chanting class tomorrow. It will be my first time!

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