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Loving Kindness Yoga School
कारुण्य योग अवसथ

{located at}

209 Lloyd St. Suite 160
Lloyd Street Court
Carrboro, NC 27510

{online at}

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One Response to Contact us

  1. Devoted Student says:

    Beautiful thoughts on “Donation Yoga.” For a moment there, I thought you were going to “raise your prices” (like most other ‘donation based’ yoga studios have done) but it warmed my heart to read that you were merely sharing your love and thanks for peoples’ honesty, willingness to give, and integrity. As a devoted student of yours, I have always found your space (wherever that may be) to be warm, welcoming, calming, and almost like a home away from home- for I know that I will always find peace there. And for that, (and your guidance) I will be forever thankful. Also- yoga has provided me and shown me something (still undefined) within me that is priceless, which I am also very thankful for. So what I’m trying to get at, I guess is..Thank YOU Ti for being my first teacher, for being an awesome teacher, and for being an awesome person. Any amount of money or donations couldn’t replace what Yoga has brought into my life..

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