Class Descriptions

Class Types and Levels:

Overall orientation of classes at Loving Kindness Yoga School:  Hatha yoga of some sort, using body, breath and attention to come to deeper self-awareness and affect healing of body, emotion, mind and Spirit.

All levels:  Hatha Yoga influenced largely by Kripalu Yoga, Erich Schiffman, Integral Yoga, Angela Farmer and Victor Von Kooten, and Yogi Hari. These classes tend to have a flowing element early on for building heat and getting the energy moving, but the main focus physically is on hanging out in the poses to allow the awareness to deepen and insights to arise as to how to make it more right-feeling, and to see more clearly where the blocks are and to more consciously face them. These classes are suitable for all-levels, though some degree of physical fitness is helpful, and the students will be given options to make it work and be interesting for their own body and being. I have a lot of experience teaching and can help most people. Even those with injuries find a way to practice and be in the poses in a way that is safe and helpful. Everyone will walk away having been challenged but feeling more balanced and alive in their body, clearer in their mind, and more settled in their emotions, so that they can more clearly see and act from their own Inner Heart Center/the Love in their Heart/their Inner Wisdom. I do not do the poses with the class but I give a lot of verbal instruction and hands-on assists. If you don’t feel comfortable receiving assists, please let me know. Newer people can watch those more experienced if an external image is needed of what movements or poses I am suggesting.

Level 1/Gentler yoga:  Designed for those who want a gentler than “Ti’s usual,” somewhat energetic class, for those with some injury or bodily challenge that prohibits them from more challenging poses, and for those with less yoga experience who want a slower pace. If people with less experience come to this class, there will be more teaching on some of the yoga basics in regard to philosophy, approach and practice of yoga, and as has happened when experienced people come wanting a more gentle yoga class, that will be the focus.

Monday’s Yoga for Every{Body} Series class:
{a body kindness series for every shape, size & curve}

This 10 week series will provide a safe space for bodies of all shapes and sizes to practice yoga and inward-kindness. Using our breath, movement and awareness we will work towards the intention of creating a more positive relationship with ourselves on and off the mat. Our practice will be gentle and focused on listening to our internal voice to guide us into the yoga practice that is right for each of us individually.
This series is designed with curvy bodies in mind and is a good fit for people new to yoga and those that already have a gentle practice. This class will be a closed series to provide safety and continuity to students. Please sign up by email in advance.
When: Mondays, 4:00-5:15 for 10 weeks
Beginning: early September, watch Home and Special Classes pages for updates
Where: Loving Kindness Yoga School {Lloyd St., Carrboro, NC}
Total Cost: $120 for the series
What to bring: A yoga mat {there will be some to borrow, too!} and some water.
What to wear: Your most comfortable clothes that allow you to move
Teacher: Chrysecolla Taico, LCSW, RYT
Contact: to sign up or ask questions!

Tuesday’s 5:45-7:15 class:  For committed yoga practitioners and teachers with a minimum of 3 years consistent yoga practice or those studying to be yoga teachers or by approval of the teacher. There will be a maximum of 8 people.  Though the intensity level tends to be about the same as the all-levels classes, the depth of teaching and group sharing tends to be greater.

Some feedback on the class from a student:

And, I will add that this class really rocks and is the perfect level of challenge, provides a nice variety of different poses and sequences, and is just generally a highlight of my week. Keeps me sane. Also keeps me interested in yoga in a way I might struggle to achieve on my own. Thanks for so reliably providing this very important part of my life.

Friday’s more energetic vs. more mellow classes:  The more energetic class will be like the “all levels” classes described above, and the mellower class will be slower, more meditative, and less aimed at building strength and more at building mobility.

Yoga with Allegra:  Allegra’s Vinyasa (flow) classes are moderately paced and emphasize alignment and the breath.   The sequences will incorporate your requests, health issues, and the general feel of the room.   Always with warmth and a sense of humor, she does much of the asana with the class, mirroring for students to easily follow her.  Expect a generous warm-up and cool-down and great music.  Students of all levels of yoga practice are welcome.

Sunday morning “yoga church”:  Is or has yoga practice become your church, your place of focus and worship and devotion and connection to Something Greater? This class will include 1-1 1/4 hour of devotionally-focused asana, some reading or teaching from saints or scriptures, and 15-25 minutes of (mostly) silent, self-led meditation or prayer. Meant to be non-sectarian but definitely focused on the Divine/Source/Love and open to all levels.

Open Practice with Mardi Magoo:   Please join me for a glorious wake-up practice of yoga, meditation, dance and sacred creative movement of all kinds.  I will be at the studio to engage in my practice and to hold the space for you to create your own practice, whatever that may be.

Introduction to Asana: This class teaches the basic postures of yoga and is recommended for students who are new to yoga, or have not practiced yoga for some time.  The class is taught in series of 12 week sessions (each class builds on the previous class).  Students may either sign up for the series of 12 weekly classes, or drop in. No prerequisites.


      • New students: save time by completing the registration form in advance.
      • Come 15 minutes early to class.
      • You may sign-up for the entire 12 week class or choose to “drop-in”.
      • Wear a t-shirt and shorts or tights, be prepared to have bare feet, and come with an empty stomach.
      • Please do not wear perfume or scented deodorant products. (Thank You!)
      • All necessary mats and other props for class are provided.

Meditative Yoga: This meditative asana class is for all levels. Guidance will be offered on linking the breath with the poses and unfolding your personal alignment out of the awareness that evolves from that connection. Focus will be on breath, flexibility and relaxation.

Intro to Vedic Chanting (now ongoing): Vedic Chanting is for both the beginning chanter and the long time kirtan lover, for the new student who is totally unfamiliar with Sanskrit and the practitioner who has been integrating mantra and Sanskrit into sadhana. Many of the chants you have heard in Kirtans have come from or were directly inspired by mantras from the Vedas, ancient spiritual texts from India.  Vedic Chanting is considered one of the oldest unbroken oral traditions in existence.  The practice of svadhyaya (Self-study) is chanting spiritual texts through which clear view of Self emerges.  We will begin with simple chants and learn by a combination of listening and reading transliteration of Sanskrit.  The insistence on preserving pronunciation and accent as accurately as possible is related to the belief that the potency of the mantras lies in their sound when pronounced.  Pronunciation is one of the 6 rules of Vedic Chanting, and we will incorporate instruction and direct experience of all 6 rules into the classes.  Besides all this, the sound is powerful, makes you feel good and leads to a more focused and sattvic mind.

Helpful hints about coming to class:

-SHOES:  We are trying to keep Loving Kindness as shoe-free as possible, so please remove shoes before entering or remove your shoes once inside and  put them on the shoe racks close to the door.

– BRING:  Please bring your yoga mat since it’s more hygenic and a water bottle if you’ll want one.  We have a few loaner mats and some inexpensive ones for sale ($15).

– WHEN TO ARRIVE:  A few minutes before class is good and at least 5 minutes before your first class at Loving Kindness, so you can sign the liability waiver and get oriented before class begins.

-IF YOU ARRIVE LATE:  If you arrive during the meditation, a sign will be on the door and it will be locked, so please wait quietly till we let you in after the beginning meditation is over.

– HOW TO MAKE A DONATION:  There is a silver bowl on the shelves as you enter for your donation.  Cash and check only, please.  If you want to pay for multiple classes at one time, that is totally fine, and if you want, we can provide a simple way for you to track your donations and attendance.

– Restroom is in the room.  The only water for drinking is in there.

First time at Loving Kindness Yoga School? (Note: Includes past students of Ti’s coming to the new studio for the first time)

-You will need to sign a one-time liability waiver.

-Please read on the home page the Guidelines for a Happy Loving Kindness Experience, or we will have copies at the school for you to read.

3 Responses to Class Descriptions

  1. Helen cobler says:

    A lovely intimate space for yoga. I really took a lot from my class there with Ti recently and schedule allowing will be back soon.

  2. Sheryl Soady says:

    hi- I have been practicing yoga and meditation on and off since I was 13yo.
    I am now in my early 50s. This has been a blessing not only because of the positive impact on my life, but also my practice has helped me navigate significant health challenges and surgeries. Many health professionals have expressed surprise at my diagnoses because my balance, outlook, and a few other symptoms are much better than expected. – I was also told that I wouldn’t be able to reach my feet again after a spinal fusion. It took me 3 months.
    Your studio resonated with me because it seemed heart and spirit filled.
    I would like to take one or two classes a week.
    I am good at moderating my positions if I am having difficulty.
    Extreme fatigue is what I struggle with- yet another reason for yoga. I am on disability and while very grateful money doesn’t go far.
    I look forward to coming to a class soon
    If you want to suggest a couple, great.
    Sheryl Soady

    • Hi Sheryl, that’s some inspiring experience you have with the power of yoga. Thanks for sharing all that, and probably the best class for you would be my (Ti’s) Friday 5:45 class, which is slower and less physically challenging than others, though if that time doesn’t work for you, since you are good at modifying your positions and taking care of your body, pretty much any of them should work. I hope that’s helpful and I look forward to meeting you soon.

      In peace. Ti

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