Mission & Vision

Mission & core principles

At Loving Kindness Yoga School we practice on the mat and the meditation cushion to know the True Self and to be more fully alive, in love and service to all

Guided by Ti Harmony’s years of practice in hatha yoga and the yoga of devotion, Loving Kindness Yoga School aims at practicing and teaching yoga in an atmosphere of  love, kindness, introspection, acceptance and tolerance, balanced by the respect for all. Loving Kindness Yoga School seeks to foster a community of yoga practicioners and yoga devotees on the path towards knowledge of the true self.

Our hope is that your own practice of yoga be fruitful and bring peace of heart to you and everyone you meet.

Vision & core principles

Based on loving kindness, service and devotion to the “Highest” or “Something Greater, guided by Amma, the “Hugging Saint” & by all True Masters. From this overflowing well of inspiration, Loving Kindness Yoga School intends to:

  • promote an atmosphere of healing and heart opening.
  • cultivate a calming and nurturing space so that all may experience love (including self-love), peace and freedom.
  • create an atmosphere, from our practice together, that enables all to feel the Love of the Infinite and to drop into the Silence of Being.
  • nurture what is highest and most good in its teachers and students while acknowledging and understanding human imperfections as grist for the mill and as opportunities for cultivating humility.

At the core of Loving Kindness, teachers facilitate and illuminate the ultimate goals of yoga and life, cultivating with students:

  • a deep, wordless experience of our True Nature/True Self/God,
  • an unfolding realization: to live from “That” and be of service in the world.

At Loving Kindness, hatha & bhaki yoga are interwoven in the instruction, guidance and shared learning on the mat. Generally defined: hatha yoga means yoga on the mat using primarily body, breath and attention & bhakti yoga refers to yoga of devotion and Divine Love.