Details and Guidelines

Join Ti Harmony and other experienced teachers and community members for weekly yoga classes and events at Loving Kindness Yoga School. 

 Important details

  • Where: 209 Lloyd St. (Lloyd Street Court, 2nd floor Suite 160, on the street side)
    • For a google map of the location click here.
    • For directions and more on the location click here.
    • A cozy space brimming with loving kindness…. let’s keep it coming!
      • Help create a happy experience for all by reading the key info & guidelines about our space at Loving Kindness below.
  • Who: Most classes are open to everyone! From community members trying yoga for the first time to yoga students of many years and from different yoga traditions.
    • Teachers: Most classes are taught by Ti Harmony, the founder of Loving Kindness. Learn more about Ti and the other teachers at Loving Kindness under About – Teacher bio.

  • When: Weekly list of classes posted on the class schedule.
    • Morning and evening classes, with at least one class every day of the week except Monday for the time being.
    • Ti Harmony teaches 11 yoga classes per week plus the several more offered by  Chrysecolla who is currently on maternity leave.
  • What: a myriad of classes and events offered, read descriptions of each: several yoga class types as well as Kirtan, meditation and chanting of Divine names (the latter all led by Ti Harmony).
    • All classes are open; preregistration for one class.
  • How does a Donation-based studio work?:The donation requested is $10-20 per class.  Please give what you can, whether on this scale or not.  Read more in the Guidelines attached below.
    • Money should never prevent anyone from coming as much as they want, and no one is ever turned away for financial reasons. Read more thoughts on donation yoga.



Attending a class at Loving Kindness? Whether your first time or as a refresher, here is some guidance about the yoga space.

Honoring our yoga space: 
 “Happy. Loving. Kind: Guidelines”

Loving Kindness is an intimate & inviting space with a maximum capacity of about 24 students. We at  seek to cultivate a space to nurture self-respect & freedom. Freedom from what keeps us from knowing Happiness (with a capital “H”)…knowing that we don’t need to become happy but we are Happiness itself at our core.

“Happy. Loving. Kind: Guidelines”: Guidelines for a happy Loving Kindness Yoga School experience for everyone. Help us create an atmosphere abiding by the following:

  • to practice in alignment with the mission of Loving Kindness
  • to maintain a yoga space that ensures a safe yoga practice.
  • to cultivate an infinitely open atmosphere in an open, airy physical space
  • to feel & be open in our bodies, minds and hearts.

Please follow these guidelines for a happy Loving Kindness Yoga School experience for everyone!

    • Please remove shoes at the door and put them on the shoe racks. Your other items can go on the big shelves. After class please put your shoes on at the door, and avoid walking in the room with shoes on.
    • Please leave your cell phone in your car, but if you need to bring it in to the room, please make sure it is turned all the way off, not to vibrate.
    • As we have a small space to share, personal hygiene is important, so please come to class smelling clean and not wearing any strong scents.
    • Some classes may be snug, so if you accidentally touch your neighbor during the movement part of class, don’t recoil but also don’t linger.
    • Please dress at least somewhat modestly. Everybody please keep your shirts on.
    • Requested donation is $10-20. This request should not prevent anyone from coming, and we accept whatever is given, whether less or more than what is requested, in a spirit of gratitude. If you need to leave less than what is requested, and you have time or other skills that your teacher may be able to use and that you would be willing to share, please talk with your teacher about other ways to exchange energy.
    • Questions and comments from students can make for a vital, pertinent and interesting class, but please try to keep your comments on the topic of the day and if you have a question that is of more personal interest to you than of general interest to the class, please save it till after class, or maybe you will be able to get an answer yourself, in your quiet, focused time.
    • Also when making comments, remember that there are many different people with many different backgrounds and opinions, so endeavor to be respectful of all, as the teachers are also endeavoring to model.
    • The teachers at Loving Kindness are not saints, gurus, mind-readers, psychotherapists or group therapists, Self- or God-Realized Masters, but people on the Path of Life just like you, so if anything they say doesn’t work for you, please just let it go, and if any assists or wording doesn’t work for you, please take responsibility for your experience by lovingly letting your teacher know at the time or at least after class.

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