November 13, 2022

(A note added later: I wrote the below after noticing this phenomenon happening in my mind. I was not going to publish it, but events arose that seem to indicate that it might be good to do so, including a quote from Amrit Desai again: “Living in the moment…is the most dangerous situation anybody ever faces in life because everything you have ever avoided is revealed to you when you live in the moment.”

I share this writing below partly in case you thought that I was enlightened or different from you. Also, if you didn’t resonate with my recent blogs on Acceptance and Love and Everything Is Already OK?, you’ll probably find this short one more palatable. The following was written well before Thanksgiving and the timing of publication is now only “coincidental,” but maybe you’ll find it “useful,” or at least consoling or amusing, if you are spending time with difficult family, for example…or others.

Happy Thanksgiving! Seriously! So much to give thanks for!)

I hope the Divine Mother realizes how lucky She is that She created and continues to sustain me. Fortunately now She has me to always be on the lookout for problems with Creation. I also am able to brainstorm good options, good responses and ways to make it better, always better. Probably if She hadn’t created me, She might have thought that Creation was just fine and that nothing was wrong with it. What a colossal mistake that would have been, of course. I make sure to constantly analyze what is actually wrong with Her Creation, and always at least mentally “speak up” and complain about, well, most things. It seems that the Divine Mother didn’t do very well with the Creation, though there are a few “minor” details that She gets right from time to time. For example, “Good job, Mother” on that beautiful, purple morning glory flower on my walk this morning, the sun is always pretty great, and lately She has done a stellar job on the clouds most of the time. If you are doing as much as the Divine Mother does, you’re bound to do something right some of the time, and it’s understandable that, being as busy as She is, much of the time it’ll be a “half-assed” job, so I’m not denigrating Her in any way. It’s just that She should know that She could be doing a better job than She is, and I hope that my constant reminding Her of that (obvious) fact helps motivate Her to do better. I feel fairly confident that I’m not the only one who has noticed how much of Creation really just isn’t “up to snuff.” It looks from the outside like others generally agree with me on this, so hopefully our group energy of complaint will also help the Universe look better and have all of us be happier with the job that the Divine Mother is doing.